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Website Development

A digital platform is a key requirement for a business to form its identity. It is where your customer come after searching for you and form the first impressions of your venture. It is where the prima face trust is established and they decide to collaborate with you or not. Believe it or not, it is an important part of your identity of offline and online business. The more elegant you appear, the better your customer leaves impressed. This online presence is where your personal or commercial customise website comes into picture. A website features all your data, your work history, your services and everything that you want the customer to see and perceive about you. Let’s delve further into the need of your own website. If you are an online venture requiring an online transaction or payment gateways, it becomes easy to operate from a website. It manages to automate and escalate your process of transaction and order contracts.¬†

It also makes it easy for your customer to pay you online as this is what India has come to be – a cashless transaction is always preferred over a cash one since it makes it easy and hassle free to pay in one and direct mode. Also, if you want to exhibit your previous work and impressive history, this is the platform where you can put things without any hesitation. The website we provide after keeping your preferences in mind and working with the best of technology out there, helps you keep track record of all your exchanges. It helps you avoid any irregularities, any hassle that you might face in an offline exchange.


Custom Software Development

Every business is a unique venture as seen and defined by its founder and team. So are the needs of the specific venture. We at Mind Perk understand this unique and customised needs of our clients and work towards developing customers software and web based solutions for them. Your niche and reign varies to stand out in your market and it’s only right to have it run with unique strategies. Mind Perk helps you discover that unique factor amongst you and deliver it with a developed face in the form of customised software development and solutions for your venture.

Mind Perk is a web development and solution venture that works with new and old, small or medium range of individual and chain of businessesto provide them with all in one packaged solution of digital needs. We are a team of software and web specialists, completely dedicated towards your needs and satisfaction for your customised business needs. We are the only Web development company based at Bijapur capable of sky rocketing your business. We don’t do it just for the sake of association but we are passionate towards addressing the customers needs, doubts and custom desires.


Domain Registration and Hosting

A web site’s traffic depends upon the catching and ease of it’s domain name for a customer to remember. A customer never remembers a complex domain name and doesn’t bother typing it over the URL address bar. This way, your customer is never going to visit you if you have a difficult and unattractive, ordinary domain name. On the other side, the platform where your web site is hosted also plays an important role for the easy operation and run of the site. Choosing a right domain name is deciding factor of the online popularity you’ll get and it determines your success largely on the traffic of your web site.

What is a domain name and what role does it play?

A domain name is the unique address in simple terms that covers your service IP and can easily be typed on the URL Address Bar by your customer to visit your web site. It is like having an address in the big world of Internet database. It is hosted on a few domain names and hosting services providers just like your home address is built in a residential or commercial society by a builder. Now, let’s discuss with the customers’ point of view. Imagine you’ve to reach a hotel address you’re planning to stay for the night but forget the name and fail to navigate the address due to its complex address. Now would you bother to hit and try to reach your desired hotel after a long busy day or would you just go with the next hotel available nearby? Of course, the tired you would opt for a nearby hotel service despite wanting for a previous luxury hotel you had in mind. A customer faces a similar dilemma when it goes to search you online. Of he/she fails to remember your domain name or a complex spelling that your domain name might have, you fail the chance to serve the customer without being spotted at all.

How Mind Perk helps you with Domain Name?

Mind Perk helps you with an easy and catchy domain name optimised with the best of its SEO tools to help you be spotted even with a faint of memory your customer might have. We deal with trusted registration and hosting service providers that provide you with an inexpensive hosting plan. This helps you have a pocket friendly effective website hosting solution, possible only when you associate with us. Come establish your digital identity with us – today.


Android & iOS App Development

With the increased trend of digital reach of any venture, the market now aspires to reach their customers with an even closer interaction. The customer prefers to reach out to the service providers just by few clicks on their smartphones and it’s easy, it’s more convenient and the new trendy feature for your venture. Imagine the reach of an Android Application with over 1.4 billion Android devices globally and no, this is just not the thing for big multinational companies. But this is now the forte of every single small to large services that customers need. You need to be present on their search on Playstore and that too, with a promising presence combined with smooth and unique feature that attract your customers on the first go

Key features of the Android Application Service from Mind Perk

The android application developed for your business comes with a beautiful logo custom designed for your ventures’s unique theme. We take care of the color code and relativity with the products provided. Our team discusses the services you provide through the android application and work forward with achieving them in real time. The android application product is then coded and furnished with the features and developed with bug free compilation of codes. The application is then tried and tested to be further published at the Google Playstore to be found by your customer when they search you there. This application developed and delivered by us comes with smooth run guarantee and is repeatedly optimised for bugs with new android updates. We take care of the fact that no issues is faced by your customer or you when they launch this on their smartphones. We provide you with new updates whenever and wherever needed with new and optimised solutions.

The Brain behind your desired Android Application

Our dedicated software professionals have years of experience in developing a perfect customised android application developed over Android Studio. These professionals have come together after a tough screening process over a period of time overcoming new challenges on the Android platform. Their work speaks volumes about the elegance and perfection they provide to our previous and current clients. Speaking of which, we have a series of successful projects and reviews lined up by years of our clients blindly trusting us for tech and development for all of their online and digital aspects of work.


Website Maintenance

After you’re set up with the right kind of website which gives your business the much needed lift it becomes highly necessary to keep it optimised and bug free to help it run smooth. The online world of cyber attackers and hackers keep looking for a loophole to exploit you wherever they can and we understand the harm it can cause your business. Having a website free of any potential vulnerability is highly necessary for the health of your business.

Mind Perk’s Service of Website Maintenance

The website development and maintenance team of Mind Perk closely work with the new updates of your websites’ platform and new vulnerabilities faced by global online community. We are updated with the knowledge of new bugs and issues going on in the global scenario of website security and help you avoid them with our dedicated efforts. Any issue that might come up with your website is immediately optimised and resolved in real time when you chose us as your web partner for all the required services. We keep on improving your website from its original form to keep it in pace with the changing preferences of customers. You don’t have to worry a bit about bring left out on latest trends if you have us as your back. Our continuous SEO and SMO services help you remain on top of every local search and trendy features to be the number one choice of your customers. You’re never going to lose it when we are there to work for your diversified needs with constant maintenance and improvisation. We are here to serve you with the best. Join us to reach your goals faster.